Multisensory Learning Academy

Fairview, OR  

Offices & Classrooms
For the Multisensory Learning Academy we provided the initial master planning and incorporated the concept of using nine, multiple-use buildings to meet budget and scheduling requirements.  Our expertise in “Lean Construction” techniques and sustainable design were a perfect match.  Fast track scheduling and offsite construction of the modular classroom & office components allowed onsite installation within two months of permit approval.

Modular Construction
We understand the unique demands and opportunities of modular construction.  A building that is fabricated in an offsite, controlled environment is more affordable than an onsite-built structure, and can be constructed in a fraction of the time.  Controlled manufacturing conditions also result in higher-quality construction.  The MLA’s modular buildings were also designed to incorporate sustainable systems, such as natural light and ventilation, and to make use of eco-friendly materials as part of a “GreenBuild” design concept.

mla rendering

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