BES Clarifier Expansion

Portland, OR

Sustainable Design
Shur provided industrial design and architectural services for the Dry Weather Clarifier Expansion Project at the Columbia Waste Water Treatment Plant. The work included coordination of the design and drawing standards with all engineering disciplines. The sensitive site required a design concept that included the reuse of existing contaminated soils in the landscape adjacent to the buildings. The new innovative design enabled BES to serve as a model for future sustainable design expansions.

Integrated Function
This 16,000 square foot project involved the construction of a dry weather primary clarifier with associated sludge and scum handling facilities, as well as extensions to the pumping gallery and yard piping and channels required to direct plant influent to the facility. The design integrated function and sustainability through the re-use of excavated soils to create ramps for maintenance mobility and access as well as reducing the building’s visual impact to public streets and residential neighborhoods.

bes exteriorbes interior

columbia wastewater render