Pump Station Projects

Fanno Creek Station Portland, OR

Design for Operations
Shur Architects provided industrial planning and architectural services for this existing pump station and future improvements. The new surge tank facility will house all of its equipment in a mechanically control building with a “green roof.”

Design for Sustainability
The Fanno Basin Pump Station design achieves numerous BES goals including an eco-roof with 70% coverage, increased pumping capacity, environmental protection from contamination, efficient operations and reduced maintenance costs.

86th Avenue Station Portland, OR

Design for Sensitivity
Shur Architects designed this facility to be architecturally complimentary with the nearby established community of Rumford. Applying environmentally sensitive design and placing the noisiest operational equipment in a below-ground caisson helped fulfill the intent of reducing the facility’s visual and auditory impact on its neighbors.

Design for Sustainability
Both the above ground and below ground structures of the new pump station are designed to operate with minimal impact on the environment. Every building features an Eco Roofing System with an overall coverage of 84%, including the 8 ft x 8 ft Valve Building and the removable access hatches above the Mechanical Building’s Exhaust Air Treatment room and Chemical Storage and Containment room.

fanno pump station render

86th ave