Beaverton Foods

Beaverton, OR

Offices & Amenities
As Project Architect for this new 82,500 square foot building, our plans included a two-story office and employee area, with a portion of the space designated for administrative offices and another portion for employee amenities such as kitchens, cafeteria, locker rooms and break areas.

Two Production Areas

To accommodate mustard and horseradish, the company’s main products, and isolate their processing areas from each other, we incorporated separate production areas. Special consideration was required in order to meet USDA food-grade specifications. Raw materials needed temporary storage before processing and packaging the finished product for shipment. The design features a special-process kitchen, where product testing and development occurs, and a laboratory with demonstration areas.

Logistics & Operations

A root cooler, spice room, and recycling areas for waste products were integral to the concept. Separating the shipping and receiving areas created an efficient, just-in-time floor layout, with raw materials being taken in at the North end of the factory and processed goods shipping from the South, as part of an efficient cross-docking effect.

beaverton foods exterior

beaverton foods plan