Columbia Helicopter Building 3

Aurora Airport, Oregon

Building 3 is a new hangar design for Columbia Helicopter, including masonry wainscot, metal siding and polycarbonate clerestory windows. The building incorporates an 80-foot wide hangar bi-fold door, which opens to allow the large high lift helicopter maintenance operations. A special design 2-ton crane spans the 80-foot door width to provide operational flexibility for lifting operations.

Major maintenance operations are located across the main aisle, include machine shop, transmission shop, rotor head shop, engine shop, NDT testing, parts cleaning, grinding rooms and avionics equipment testing.

Amenities & Utilities
A centrally located second floor provides amenities, office area, training rooms and restrooms. The repair hangar contains in-floor utility trenches providing, air, electrical and hydraulic lines to helicopter staging areas.

helo bldg 3

bldg 3 plan