Dennis' Seven Dees

Portland, OR

Corporate Design
Shur Architects designed this new 12,000 square foot two level, tilt-up concrete facility. The Corporate headquarters for Dennis’ 7-Dees houses field operations, project design, accounting, and executive offices. Interior open spaces will accommodate on-site meetings with clients as well as internal company meetings.

Multi-Purpose Facility

Shur Architects designed the new structure, which features offices for executives, marketing staff and design staff. Seven Dees can now expand its operations and better accommodate its nearly 200 employees, while putting its services on display. The company also plans to add job coaching and career development programs.  The interior design incorporates bright colors and a great deal of natural light, which, in addition to all the extra space, has improved employee morale.

We Appreciate Endorsements…

“The building design process made us look at our structure and at how people are working. The new building allows us to reorganize into teams in closer proximity. That is a real plus for us.” The building windows create a warm and sunny effect, Natural light, in our industry, is very important.”
-Cheryl Cone, Vice President of Marketing


d7d exterior

d7d site