Flomatic International

Clackamas, OR

Kanban Manufacturing
This new 20,000 square foot building houses production and office facilities for manufacturing of post mix beverage valves and accessories supplied to OEM’s. The factory was designed to utilize the Kanban method of manufacturing.

Open Communication

Shur Architects designed an interior workspace that elevates and compliments the company’s principles. Wide-open workspaces comprise the factory floor, facilitating communication between team members. Management decisions are not made behind closed doors, but in conference rooms with windows on a level with the assembly areas.

Visual Systems

The engineering offices were designed around the company’s culture of sharing information. Flomatic’s new facility employs visual systems of organization that encourage all employees to take an active role in the company’s success. Offices and amenity areas provide direct access to production; a windowed conference room occupies a central space on the production floor.

Design for Flexibility

Production areas are brightly lit at 50 foot-candles for detailed work assembly. The facility features an overhead utility grid, which distributes utilities from above so the assembly areas remain clear of pipes and cords. Because flexibility is always a focus of our designs, work cells in the assembly area are designed to double in size, making future equipment and production expansion easy.

flomatic exterior

flomatic plan