Beaverton, OR

Paperless Office
Poorman Douglas anticipates becoming a paperless office as an increasing number of its documents are scanned and converted to electronic format. The facility was designed with this in mind; as Poorman-Douglas makes this transition, storage space can be gradually eliminated and reconfigured to accommodate employees or equipment.

Design for Versatility

Shur Architects built versatile work areas into a new office complex for Poorman-Douglas. Within each department, desks are grouped into modules of six, with a shared workspace in the middle. The dual-functioning space is equally appropriate for individualized and team projects.

Design for Production

This 88,000 SF project required program study of existing offices and establishment of space standards for entire corporation. Preliminary interior design work included forecasting office space needs, and a new building layout to address current trends in Office/Warehouse/Print Mail Production work settings and job perceptions.

Coordinated Construction

Project coordinator responsibilities included a 3-phased relocation plan coordinated with substantial completion of construction. Phase-One included 50 workstations with private offices, Phase-Two included design layout and coordination of a 185 workstation installation, Phase-Three provided for 65 more work stations.


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