Beaverton, OR

“Main Street” Production
This Planar project won an AIA/DJC Award for Excellence. The 45,000 SF building included a new clean-room and office for a high-technology production facility. The design incorporated equipment placement, production support offices, lunchroom, shower facilities, locker rooms, and restrooms. The concept based on the “Main Street” model, featured a linear production flow and a parallel flow for office support activities. A windowed air plenum wall separates the two areas.

High-Tech Cleanrooms
Shur Associates built two high-tech clean-rooms, a Class 100 and a Class 100,000. The U-shaped design of the larger Class 100 clean-room minimized initial cost, operating cost, and square footage, and made it easy to add or eliminate equipment.

Engineering Overview
Planar’s design engineers were given windows looking out on the production lines, so they can spot problems in process. Involving members of all departmental teams at every stage of production ensures a sound final product.

Production Flow
Remodel of 20,000 SF of existing production area for flat screen manufacturing. Work featured redesign and relocation of Customer Service and Quality Assurance Departments. New shipping access doors provide direct; Just-in-time finished product flow from production areas.


planar bldg e extplanar entry

planar plan