Hardwood Industries

Sherwood, OR

Increased Production
By consolidating three locations and reworking material management and production flow in the new factory, Shur Architects helped Hardwood Industries achieve a 27% increase in production capacity without adding people or machinery.

Multiple Operations

The project consisted of industrial planning for a new 115,000 square foot tilt-up concrete building. The building serves multiple functions including, warehousing, lumber processing and corporate offices. Shur’s design and layout provides for variable material flow options including to shipping, lumber processing or storage depending on factory needs.

Value Added Process

Additional processing areas include grading, sorting, planning, sanding, cutting and molding manufacturing. The equipment layout provides a straight line production flow from receiving through grading to specialty wood crafting equipment.

Logistics & Operations

Other features of the new design include a covered shipping area, which allows hardwoods to be loaded in dry conditions, avoiding water damage. Special saw dust collection systems using overhead vacuum ducts and in-floor conveyors keep the facility clean and segregate waste products for recycling.

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