Firm - Philosophy

The Industrial City – At Shur Architects we aspire to develop the Industrial City of the Future. The four problem solving patterns below address how to deal with industrial change by configuring the Industrial City to anticipate future trends. Each pattern represents a deep, inescapable property of a well-formed manufacturing and industrial environment:

Matrix – Our Design Philosophy for industrial planning is best described as Matrix. The Matrix approach does away with constraints in preference for an adaptable space, with wide-open work areas, incorporating vertical and horizontal integration to permit free communication between team members with a minimum of complexity.

Efficiency – With reduced complexity, there are fewer routes and intersections, and shorter pathways for workers and materials to traverse. The Matrix system offers a functional simplicity by allowing space to be used efficiently for a variety of different purposes. Productivity is increased while leaving space available for new and expanded projects.

Flexibility – To help our clients meet their objectives Shur Architects offers flexibility: responsiveness, and ingenuity. The Matrix system not only promotes efficient operations, but allows and encourages flexibility in the future growth and evolution of the company.

Productivity – Production areas are designed with isolated utility grids that distribute power and other services, leaving manufacturing assembly areas free of pipes and cords. This high-utility design ensures long-term flexibility and maximum productivity. Our goal for any project is to maximize productivity by employing design specialties at the request of our clients.

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